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Date Helper


When starting to build an automation process, you need to handle time-related information (day, month, year, hour), with each platform having different time formats. The Date Helper will help you easily convert, format, and extract dates and times to suit your connection needs.

The Date Helper provides us with numerous actions to address time-related issues. We will explore each action one at a time to gain a better understanding of it.

All actions use the date and time format below. You can click the (x) icon to manually enter the format according to your needs.

YYYY : Year (4 number)

YY : Year (2 number)

MMMM : Month (full name)

MMM : Month (short name)

MM : Month (2 chữ số)

DDDD : Day (full name)

DDD : Day (short name)

DD : Day (2 number)

HH : Hour (2 number)

mm : Minute (2 number)

ss : Second (2 number)

X : Time in unix format

Get Current Date

Used to retrieve the current date and time. You can choose from a wide variety of template formats for exporting.

Choose a time zone and observe the results.

Format Date

Used for inputting one time format and converting it to another.

You need to enter the time (1), format (2), and time zone (3) for the conversion.

Next is the format (1) and time zone (2) for exporting the time. Click to see results (3).

Extract Date Units

Used for extracting time units (day, month, year, hour, minute, second).

Enter the time to extract, select the format that corresponds to that time, and finally, choose the unit to extract.

Here, I choose to extract the date and month, and here are the results.

Date Difference

Used for counting the difference (day, month, year, hour, minute, second) between two time periods.

You need to enter the value and format of the first time period (1) along with the value and format of the second time period (2).

Choose the time unit you want to check the difference for and view the results.

Add/Subtract Time

Used to add/subtract units of time. You need to enter the time and format you wish to process.

We provide an expression for addition or subtraction using the following units (year, month, day, hour, minute, or second).

For example:

+ 2 second +1 hour

+ 1 year - 3 day - 2 month

+ 5 minute


Not currently supported


Get Current Date

Format Date

Extract Date Units

Date Difference

Add/Subtract Time

Next Day of Week

Next Day of Year