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🥳 Welcome to AhaMake

All-in-one business automation tool, designed to connect all platforms together.

🎨 Flow Builder

Each time you add a step to the process (flow), you choose a Block to represent this step...

There are 3 types of Blocks that you can use to add steps as follows:

AppPerform an action on a 3rd party applicationSend a message to Gmail
Flow ControlControls the logic of the next step in the flowCheck branch conditions
HelperPerform an advanced operation without writing codeParse the CSV file into an array

You can find all sections in Apps, Helpers and Flow Controls.

🪄 Piece Versions

All Blocks have versions. When you create a Block into the flow it ensures that the script will not lose connection when the Block is updated and the Blocks will not automatically update. To check the version of the Block in the current flow, see below the Block settings.

Note: To update the version of a block, you need to delete the block and add it again.